Keybox is that extra assistant you really need.

Keybox has been designed to help property owners manage their holiday rental operations. Owners or administrators can now spend less time to manage their properties, customer data collection, streamline and centralise communication, and manage reservations. It is a fully scalable solution that caters from one single property to hundreds of properties.

How it all started.

Emmanuel Agius, is the founder of Volatila software, the company behind the Keybox software.

The idea for this software was conceived a few years ago when Emmanuel started to rent out a property he owned for short holiday rentals. Being a very busy person, he started looking for a software solution to help with the day-to-day management, and automate some of the redundant tasks that every property owner/manager needs to do.

Unfortunately, the solutions out there were either very limited, very expensive or too complicated to use – and therefore, being a techie at heart, he embarked with the development of the vacation property management software. This was initially meant to be only a software for his personal use, but sometimes life takes an interesting turn.

After demo-ing the software to some friends and colleagues, the feedback was overwhelming, and many were even asking if they can buy and start using the software straight away. Taking that feedback into consideration, he embarked on some market research to determine if there is the need for such a solution in the market. Again, the feedback about the product was extremely positive, and therefore Emmanuel decided to embark on this new venture, and start offering this solution to property owners and managers to help them improve their operation, level of service and overall customer satisfaction.